Merican West

American West   are an Internationally acclaimed team of cabaret artistes, admired for their superb performances of Native American dances set either on stage or in the midst of their own tipi village. Travelling throughout Europe they have appeared on stage, radio, television and schools.  In one year alone they appeared on over 14 television and 7 radio stations in Europe and even hosted their own cable television show. They have starred at The Oval, Euro Football, The National Gardens Festivals, The National Trust and Wimbledon. On television they appeared on  GMTV, S4C, BBC, CENTRAL, ITV, and also GRANADA TELEVISION and danced on the roof of the BBC.

They have starred alongside Bruce Forsyth, Rod Hull and Emu, Michael barrymoore, The Nolans, Phillip Schofield, Noel Edmunds, Cheggers Chegwyn, and they opened the “Cleanup London’s Westminster” campaign with the absolutely wonderful Lady Porter. They have starred at the World Famous Xenons Nightclub  and given a full page write-up in The Daily Mirror. Now that is unusual,  because its rare to get a whole page write-up ONCE in The Mirror, but American West got a whole page write-up  TWICE !!!

They have supplied the costumes and artifacts for a full  western film, were engaged to represent the Native Americans during the UK Pocahontas Celebrations, and taught native history to Native Americans serving in the United States Air Force. They had to dance in the executive lounge of a jet EXACTLY at mid-atlantic  courtesy of Richard Branson,  but the ultimate in prestige is being asked to represent the United States of America alongside the American Senate not once but twice.

Email us and we will call you back.             American.west@yahoo.co.uk