Merican West

American West is an Internationally acclaimed team of artistes, admired for their superb demonstrations of Native American dances, games, music and talks upon Native American culture dance and history. Travelling throughout Europe they have appeared on stage, radio, television and in schools, demonstrating and recreating Native American music, dance, history, crafts and customs for both education and cabaret. In just one year alone they starred on 14 television and 7 radio programs in England, Spain, France and Holland including GMTV, BBC, ITV, S4C, Granada,Central and Anglia TV

Four principal members of American West  are visiting schools  in full native regalia, and spending two hours  in school. Arrangements can always be made for a whole day visit tailor made to suit your requirements. The performance  is designed to fit in with the National Curriculum at all ages from 5 years to SHP GCSE American West.  The artistes are professional full time historians, dancers and singers, covering both ladies and mens dance styles and music from the Tudor Period, the  early 1800's to modern day and also native history from pre-Columbus to the early 1900's.

On a typical  day they will refer to native life before the whites arrived, Native social and domestic structure, the tipi and wigwam, civil rights, reasons for the conflict between Native and White, pioneers and the Battle of Little Big Horn. They carry with them a wide range of artifacts and children are allowed to handle some. Reference is made to the Tudor Period with Columbus. They will perform and teach many of the native dances, games  and songs and will also arrange for all students to participate in the dances. There will be much opportunity for hands on experience for the students to handle and wear the regalia, to play traditional games and to try old style Lakota sign language. The pace of the performance is fast and energetic, many items are up to 140 years old,the music is live, and the students are  taught a traditional song too.

In many schools students are taught traditional dances and then take part in a performance at the end of day before an audience of parents and pupils. American West do on occasions take tipi into schools too.

Email us and we will call you back.             American.west@yahoo.co.uk